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You only get one chance to make a first impression and as a professional, or someone in the market for a new job, your head shot is your introduction to the world. It is important to have head shots that are current, polished and represent your brand. 



Not only do head shots give people an idea of who you are, but they show that you pay attention to detail and take your work seriously.  When clients or potential employers see that you make the extra effort, they are more likely to trust that you will do the same for them.  Additionally, it is a good idea to have a photo available in case a company wants to feature you on their website, social media posts, or in a press release.

Hiring a professional photographer to take your head shots is an investment that will pay for itself.  When looking for a photographer, be sure to find one who understands your message and brand.  In addition to having an eye for posing, a professional photographer should be knowledgeable in location, lighting, and will have professional photo editing software.  Retouching ensures you look your best and when you look good, you feel good and your self-assurance shows. 



Whether you are a job seeker or an executive, you need a head shot that conveys confidence and authenticity, so that you will have the poised and professional presence needed to help you succeed. 

To schedule your updated headshots, contact me.

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