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I had a wonderful experience working with Demika. She is an Army Veteran, one of only two women in her battalion when she joined in 1999 and was stationed in Kuwait. She did not initially plan to serve, given that she had 4 full ride college scholarships available to her, but she knew that was the path for her. In the Army, she was a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, assisted with mental health services as a Clinical Program Coordinator and served (and continues to serve) on many boards.

Demika is Chief Executive Officer of ReInventU, LLC. This business assists Veterans in transitioning out of the military and back into civilian life. While working with non-profits, she noticed the issue of funding being cut. She saw the need in that area, so her company also assists Veteran and non-profit organizations with grant writing so they are able to get the financial assistance that they need to help people. Demika's company focuses on strategies for small businesses, especially during this season of navigating COVID-19. She has a degree in psychology which she continues to work towards her Masters in and continues to work towards her Masters in Business Administration as well.

Our photo shoot was met with torrential downpours and due to the flooding in downtown St. Augustine, we had to come up with not just a plan B, but a plan C due to the fact that streets were completely under water. Thankfully, she didn't reschedule and I had the pleasure of meeting her. As if she isn't impressive enough on paper, she is as equally impressive in person and on camera, as you can see. Thank you for your service, Demika. To hear an interview with Demika, check out the Shock Your Potential podcast below.

Shock Your Potential:

ReInventU, LLC:


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