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You've worked hard to get here and now it's your time to shine! Your senior portrait experience should be all about you; your vibe, your look and your style. 


Would you like a session catered around your hobbies and interests? Do you want photos that reflect who you are? Let's collaborate and create images that represent you during this special milestone in your life.  Senior portraits are not what they used to be, so why not take your session to a new level?   


I have been featured by The Twelfth Year, a leading resource for senior photographers. Additionally, my work has been seen on Senior Inspire,  Inspiring Teens Magazine and various other magazines and websites.  My experience with shooting fashion, including St. Augustine Fashion Week, has given me the experience needed to help you nail your shots and be comfortable posing. If you are looking for senior photos that are unique, stylish, and memorable, let's chat!

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