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Bayview Rehab Center

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Bay View Rehab Center is located in the heart of downtown St. Augustine and specializes in physical, occupational and speech therapy. Patients who have undergone surgeries such as amputations and joint replacement receive unparalleled care at Bay View.  This also includes individuals suffering from neurological and respiratory disorders, and vascular accidents (strokes) to name a few.  

Bay View has a long standing reputation for being a leader in rehabilitation. They are dedicated to giving exceptional care to their patients throughout their continuum.  The therapists, nurses and administrators at Bay View Rehab are compassionate and have a gift for connecting with their patients. National Rehab Week was a fantastic opportunity for them to do just that.  Department Director,  Jennifer Van Skiver, did a fantastic job putting together a photo booth, scavenger hunt and other various activities to mark the celebration.  It was enjoyable seeing the patients laughing, smiling and joking with the staff.  Many thanks to Bay View for inviting me to share in the fun. 

Bay View Healthcare

161 Marine St.

St. Augustine, FL 32084



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