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Brian Iannucci

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Born in Sarasota and raised in St. Johns County, FL, Brian Iannucci has loved music from a young age.  At just 5-years old  he began to express himself through singing and playing the piano.  He wrote his first song when he was 8-years old, which he won an award for.  In his teens, he started pursuing his music more seriously in the recording studio.  Brian has been greatly influenced by Billy Joel, The Beatles and Garth Brooks. 

He enjoys all genres of music, including country.  His latest country single, By the Water, debuted at #297 on the Euro Indie charts, quickly breaking into the top ten and hitting #1.  It also peaked at #3 on the 365 Radio Network.  Seeing music as a universal language,  Brian is able to relate to many people and hopes to connect and inspire them through his talent.  You can see Brian perform in and around the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area.


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